Content Marketing we make you a leader in your industry

What is content marketing?

Content marketing or content as marketing is becoming the single most important tool for small business.  As the internet becomes more and more part of everyday life, content is the currency used to obtain customers.  Content is going to be the biggest asset a small business can have.  The more content a small business can create over time the more valuable all the content becomes.

So why is content marketing so important to a small business?

Content marketing (content as marketing) has a number of benefits to a small business.

Search Engines love content.  The more content you have the better a search engine can understand your business.  The more content you have the better the chance that a search engine will find something on your site that matches a customer’s search.  The more content you have the more credibility you have with search engines.

Social media is over half the traffic on the internet.  The most common thing that happens in any social media site is sharing.  People like to share things with their friends; they do this by posting links, images and other information.  By having content on your website you increase the likelihood that someone will share your content and this spreads the word about your brand. Social media is how word of mouth happens in the new world.  You need content so people can talk about you.

Content is the ultimate personal brand building exercise.  If you create content on a specific topic in your industry your customers will see you as the authority on this topic.  This makes the sales conversion process easier as your customers will already want to deal with you.

Small business benefits most from using content as marketing.  Using content as marketing has the same results for big business as it does for small business.  The content is what gets you in front of your customers, not a huge advertising budget.

Small business is also nimble enough to take advantage of content marketing.  If a news story breaks in your industry you could instantly put out some content related to it.  People searching the internet will see your content as there will be so little content on the topic.  Big business lacks this nimbleness.

There is a lot of detail that goes into setting up a content strategy.  Once you have your strategy it acts as a framework and can be used successfully for years.

So what do you do now?

This is the easy bit.  Email me or call 0433 808 523 and we can discuss what you need and start you on a content strategy.