Marketing Strategy

November 9, 2012

Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Marketing strategy is the most important part of your business.  A small business without a marketing strategy will struggle.  A marketing strategy gives a small business guidance in all aspects of day to day operations.  Implementing a marketing strategy will tell you what products to sell, how much to charge, how to advertise them and who to focus your advertising on.

A marketing strategy will contain so much information about your business down to what colours to choose and what words to use in a particular sentence.

Marketing is not advertising.  Therefore a marketing strategy covers more than advertising.  At a high level your marketing strategy will cover the traditional marketing areas of Product, Price, Position and Promotion.  However, with technology making it easier for small business to automate and self promote, your marketing strategy has to contain more than a high level overview.

Griffiths Creative will focus you on market segments that will bring you the most profit.  We will develop messaging and a brand that will put you into the minds of your customers.

Griffiths Creative will also supply you with tactical implementable actions that can be rolled out incrementally as your business allows.  A well developed marketing strategy will be relevant to your small business for many years as it will have immediate, medium and long term actions.

The first thing Griffiths Creative will do is establish what your dreams are for your business.  We will then look at what you already have in place.  After we complete this marketing audit, we will tell you the best way for you to realise your dreams.

Griffiths Creative will give you a marketing strategy and accompanying skills that will produce great marketing as a consequence of doing day to day business.

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