Podcasting to build your brand – simple and cheap.

Podcasting as a marketing strategy.

Imagine the power of a weekly program about your business being broadcast to loyal listeners.  This is podcasting and this is your opportunity to become your industries thought leader.  By podcasting you will develop authority with potential customers and this converts to sales.

Podcasting is the fastest growing and most influential form of new media to be used by marketing professionals.  All major television networks in the USA have podcasts supporting their television content.  People like UK TV and Movie star Rick Gervaise have podcasts with subscribers in the hundreds of thousands.  This is a super powerful medium which is incredible inexpensive to establish and maintain.

Podcasting – Subscription media is the way of the future.

The world is moving away from traditional media and towards downloadable TV and radio (podcasting).  Newspapers and television are suffering with this change to downloadable content.  People want their information on demand and not when the TV or Radio station wants to give it to them.  This is why podcasting is growing so quickly and this positions you to take advantage and build an audience.  Your audience is there, you just have to reach out to them.

What makes podcasting so popular with customers?

Your listeners subscribe to your podcast and every time you release an episode it is sent to them.  Your content is never missed and your audience has to do nothing, just listen.  Your audience listens at their convenience.  This is the reason why people stay subscribed, it takes no effort to get the content and podcasts work in with their lifestyle.  You are now a provider of information that works with them.  They don’t have to stop what they are doing to listen to you, you have just become a desirable asset in the eyes of your customers.

Why is podcasting so good for small business?

A podcast builds a reputation for you and your business.  A podcast turns you into an authority on the topic of your podcast.  You become famous in your industry as “the person” to turn too.  This is a business version of “celebrity”.  This means you don’t have to spend any effort on developing a relationship with your target audience.  They already know you because they listen to your show.  You now have customers and fans.

So how does Griffiths Creative turn you into an industry authority?

We discuss your business and find the topic that is the best match between your business and your podcast.  We then establish what style of show would best suit your podcast and you, such as an interview style, news and review or narrative.

We then set up everything you need to become a successful podcaster and industry thought leader.

What does Griffiths Creative do to get your podcast launched?

There are a series of things that need to be set up.  Griffiths Creative takes you through the following steps:

  • Audience identification
  • Show name
  • Podcast cover art
  • Social Media artwork
  • Show format
  • Equipment needed
  • (we make sure you don’t get anything you don’t need. Your equipment list could be as short as a single microphone).
  • Equipment setup and how to record
  • (A simple process which can be done in house or outsourced).
  • Establish a web presence for your show.
  • (There are several options all with advantages and disadvantages – we walk you through the options to find your right solution).
  • Set up your RSS so listeners can subscribe and continue to get your show.
  • We automate your social media marketing for the show.

We get your show into the largest podcast directories in the world – Apple iTunes, Stitcher, podbean, Blackberry and others.

Griffiths Creative also helps you record and publish your first five episodes.  This allows you to get over any hurdles and develop a catalogue of shows.

This may seem like an unachievable goal and this is why some many small business people miss out on the opportunity of becoming an industry leaders.  Griffiths Creative has launched highly successful podcasts that have international audiences with thousands of downloads.  We make this as easy as possible, presenting you with simple options that result in a highly professional podcast.

Griffiths Creative does all the hard work leaving you with the easy task of just building your reputation as an authority in your industry.  We have the process down to a fine art and can have you published as soon as you wish.

The first thing you have to do is decide that fame suits you and give us a call 0433 808 523 or drop us an email craig.griffiths@griffithscreative.com.au.



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