Our Team Philosophy (Small Business – Marketing Strategy)

Small Business can use all the tools of big business.

Griffiths Creative is the oxygen small business needs to breathe life into their marketing.  At Griffiths Creative we take a project management approach to everything we do.  We bring together teams around the customers needs resulting in the most cost effective marketing available.

What does that mean to you?

Griffiths Creative works with the best individuals and organisations in the business on a project by project basis.  This keeps our operating costs low meaning your budget is being spent on your business not our business.

No matter what you need you we have the resources available to us.  You will also be given the contact details of every person that has worked on your project.  Then as your business grows you can contact these people directly if you wish.

Griffiths Creative’s aim is to develop a marketing strategy that will produce industry leading marketing as a consequence of your day to day business.  We give you implementable actions and tactics to grow your business.  Whenever you need assistance with a project Griffiths Creative is there for you.

The next step is simple contact us and we can discuss your goals and then set up a strategy so you achieve them.

craig.griffiths@griffithscreative.com.au or call 0433 080 523

PS: I have been involved in small business and the marketing of small business for around 20 years.  I have seen many trends come and go.  The basics have always been the best tactic.  Design a brand, stay consistent to the brand, position your small business so it becomes indispensable to your target customers.  We can show you how to do this.

Social Media and Content Marketing has given small business tools that they can use to level the playing field.  A huge marketing budget is no longer a guarantee of success.  Success comes from a great marketing strategy.  A great marketing strategy is what we give you.


Craig Griffiths