Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC4K) Indy Rig

To start with I have to confess that I am fan of the Blackmagic Design products. I currently use Resolve Studio and own the current 4K pocket.

I originally fell in love with these cameras when I picked up a second hand original Pocket Cinema Camera. The dynamic range and all tools, like focus assist, zebras and codex made this an amazing little camera. But like all tools nothing comes ready to use out of the box. Like all Blackmagic Camera the files the camera put out are huge, so I added an external monitor (Atomos Ninja 2) and this also allowed me to record to SSDs. I also had a collection of good Canon glass so I got a Metabones adaptor. This served me well for a few years.

Then in April 2018 they announced the BMPCC4K. I immediately sold my original HD camera and waited for the release.

The BMPCC4K is an indie film makers dream. It is the size of a large DSLR which means you can squeeze it into small places to get those interesting shots and it has the ability of producing absolutely wonderful 4K images.