The BMPCC4K ( Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K ) has been one of the most written about cameras in memory.  It was heralded as a future classic, providing amazing performance and image quality at a super low price.  The cost of a handle for a RED camera can cost more than the BMPCC4K.  There has also been a backlash.  lists generated by detractors of “deal breakers” (like battery life) which in reality were minor and easy to remedy.

Then in March 2019 firmware 6.1 was released that fixed many of the problems including extending battery life and getting more performance from what was already adequate internal microphones.  Then March 6 firmware 6.2 dropped.  This made the camera ROAR (yep that’s a pun).

That’s right, we got the much anticipated Blackmagic RAW included.

Blackmagic RAW is a wonderful codec which gives you RAW (super flexible and powerful) in a small single file.

Here is a link to Grant from Blackmagic explaining Blackmagic RAW.

This update has made this camera the ultimate indie film camera.  Great dynamic range, 4K recording, great low light performance, dual ISO, professional connections, use of inexpensive external media and now the world’s most advanced RAW codec.

I am currently in preproduction on my script Hostage and with this firmware update I’ll be suggesting they consider this camera.

I have this camera so I am not just rewriting information from other sites. I have this in my arsenal and couldn’t be happier.  Blackmagic RAW is going to change the way I shoot.

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