Create Content (Your Marketing Future)

Why Create Content?

You must create content for a number of reasons. When you create content you give people a reason to visit

Create Content small business marketing strategy

your site. When you create content you give people something to share with their friends and family. You should make social media part of your content strategy (read social media for more information). When you create content you build a reputation as an expert in your field and when you create content search engines love you.

In a nutshell when you create content people will be able to find you easier. Because search engines will put you higher in the ranking, people will talk about your content and that content lasts forever. This is why creating content can be better than any advertising. An advert only last as long as the magazine or newspaper it is printed in. But when you create content it remains on the Internet forever.

That is perhaps the most important thing to realize. When you create content you create an asset. The content you create will stay on the Internet forever, with your contact details and information for all to see.

So what do I do?

You will need a website that allows you to easily create content and post it to the Internet. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry, they are incredibly affordable and using a content management system like wordpress (which is free) you can maintain your content yourself. Even if you want to outsource (get someone to assist) your content management wordpress is the standard and no special skills are needed.

Next you need to do some research and establish what words you want to target. This is the start of Search Engine Optimisation which is important to the success of your content strategy and why you create content. There will be phrases that are very similar in nature and meaning. However one phrase will get searched for rarely while the other may be used thousands of times. We help you find the keywords to target. We also give you the tools to research and find more as your business grows.

Finally we help you create your first few documents and set up what you will need for future success. This is all part of the Griffiths Creative Small Business support approach.

So lets get started. When you create content you are creating a marketing asset. Content as marketing is going to be the best marketing tool available to small business.

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