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Hostage Production Diary for August

Since last we spoke things have moved ahead. We have locked down the location.

The original script was set nowhere in particular. A Director from Boston showed an interest and the script was rewritten to suit that location. Even though that deal fell through, it stayed in an Irish Bar to give it a more grounded feel.

Then this sale happened.

We had some cast and a director. A camera test was done and we were closing in on production. As we know things change and pandemics appear. The production was adrift for a while. The world has changed and production has found its feet again. The first thing we have done is tie down a location. This location is in Newark (New York area) and it has a very cool, grittier feel, even grittier than an abandoned Irish Bar in Boston.

Much of the story (for those that don’t know the script) takes place as a police interrogation, off the books so to speak.  This is where they take the person, The Hostage, to get the information they need.

What went into the rewrite?

Firstly we don’t have all the stuff that was in the bar, old bottles, chairs etc. Fixtures are also gone. We can’t have characters put things on the bar, or go behind the bar. 

This location is smaller. So getting privacy means you leave the room.  This was great. It gave me the ability to have their return feel far more tense.

Suburb Bonus.

Having a firm location means we also get to play in the neighbourhood so to speak.  There is an elevated train line visible from the location. Having that sort of movement in a shot can be great background interest.


We are looking at moving the story to night.  This is far more menacing, which is great for the story.  Since the production is likely to start in October, the nights in Newark will be longer which is great. However, it takes its toll on cast and crew.

We are going to start some Social Media soon. I’ll post about it hear and we would love to interact with you all.

If you would like any specific details in these ‘Hostage Production Diary” posts let us know.


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