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Podcasting as marketing


Podcasting is the ultimate personal branding development tool. News readers have authority simply because they are seen on TV or heard on the radio. Podcasting gives you the same authority. Having a podcast makes you a thought leader in your industry. It also gives you credibility that only media exposure can give. With podcasting you own the media outlet. There are some many options open to you and your podcast.

Let’s talk about making you famous.

Content Marketing

Content as Marketing

Using website content as marketing is going to be the most important part of your small business marketing strategy.  Content marketing will produce great dividends and is part of your branding strategy.  Content marketing is one way that a small business can compete with large business and in many cases out perform large businesses.

Content marketing is the future for your small business.

Lets start you content marketing.

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Small Business need marketing strategy to make marketing easier

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is the most important asset a small business can have.  It supports decision making and keeps your small business focused on its core money making functions.  It directs everything you do, from the colours you choose to the language you use.  It will even tell you who your customers are.

It removes luck from the equation and replaces it with certainty.

Let’s get started on your strategy.


demographics griffiths creative

Customer Analysis(demographics)

Demographics are the most under used marketing tool. Any small business could harness the power of demographics and transform their business based solely on the data in their invoices. Demographics can give you laser accuracy for your marketing strategy.

Get super targeted marketing now.

Show me demographics.

SEO as marketing and marketing strategy


(Search Engine Optimisation)

How search engines work is the greatest secret in the online marketing world. No one except the people at Google actually knows what goes into their algorithm for ranking websites. We have however through research found what works as a ranking factor and what is a waste of time.

There is no short cuts or magic tricks when it comes to SEO. We will establish best practice for your small business and then as you operate you will be gaining in ranking with Google and other search engines.

Get started on SEO.

Branding and brand development as a marketing strategy griffiths creative


What a person thinks when they hear your name or sees your logo is your brand. By crafting careful images and messages you can influence what a person thinks.

Branding pays dividends for years. Think of a TV show or toy from your childhood. The reason you can recall them is because of the brand. It is not a logo or a slogan, it is putting the message that you want into the minds of your customers. Together we will put you on the road to building an everlasting brand.

Let’s build your brand.

copywriting as marketing and SEO tool Griffiths Creative


Everyone can write, that does not make him or her a copywriter. Copywriting is the ability to direct thinking or action using only words. You have a person’s attention for only a few seconds.

The magic that a copywriter brings is the ability to get people to act with only a few words. The right words turns that person into a customer, anything else is a waste of your money.

Let’s talk copywriting.

Social Meda as Marketing

Social Media

Never before in the history of communication have people been so connected. People communicate more often than ever before using social media. This is your opportunity to be part of those conversations.

Using social media is the new word of mouth. Giving people something to share with their friends and family spreads your brand and your message.

We can get you on the road to a simple social strategy.

Let’s make you social.


Experience Platform marketing strategy

Experience Platforms

Imagine that your customers could experience all the benefits of ownership before purchase. Your biggest challenge would be keeping up with supply.

We can build an experience platform for your business that does just this. An experience platform is the next big thing in marketing and we are putting this in the hands of small business.

Ask us about Experience Platforms.

Sales Conversion Funnel Griffiths Creative

Sales Funnel Optimisation

A sale happens when a customer hands you money and you give them goods. Everything that happens before that is your sales process. Many small businesses have sales processes that get in the way of a sale.

It could be your telephone sales, your website or even your order form that is loosing you money. Every step along your process looses you some customers. We help you remove stages and streamline your process to make you more profitable with no extra expense.

Let’s talk about sales.

Video as marketing strategy griffiths creative

Video Marketing

If a picture paints a thousand words a video must be good for a million. Video marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. A well shot video on your site will convert more visitors to customers.

Using channels like Youtube and Vimeo increases the public’s awareness of your brand and helps with traffic to your site. The cost of high quality video has dropped significantly making it perfect for small business.

Let’s start your video marketing.

Do It Yourself Marketing

DIY Marketing

Many small businesses are not sure if a particular marketing tool or channel is going to be right for them. While other small business operators want to be educated in the process before calling in professionals.

For these small business people we have developed a series of Do It Yourself resources. These resources take you through the basics and get your on the road to producing your own marketing.

They are perfect for the hobby business that is about to make the leap into small business.

Here are the DIY marketing tools.


Griffiths Creative will develop a marketing strategy that you can use to drive and guide your business growth now and into the future. Small Business needs a marketing strategy to minimise waste and get the best out of every cent. A clear marketing strategy is the difference between a small business that is growing and producing great marketing as a consequence of day to day operations and a small business that is struggling. Griffiths Creative can supply you with whatever services you need, from a single tactic like content marketing to a full marketing strategy. Contact Griffiths Creative and discuss your first step to growing your business.