Short Films – Promos – BTS

Here are some short films, behind the scene videos and promos for scripts. These are all done on zero budgets as ideas and as material to send to competitions.

The most important thing about these films is that they have been made.

Making a film will teach you more than anything else about the art of filmmaking. You will learn what it takes to make a film and you will experience first hand your own shortcomings. This will give you enough knowledge so you can have an understanding of what you need to learn.

Shot on Canon 600D in two night and one day. For Tropfest 2015.

This was entered in the TROPFEST Short Film competition (2015) and was the first short we made.

All shot in a few hours. Two camera in a local park. Watch the BTS for insights.

This film is BLOOD BROTHER and it was entered in the Rode Short Competition. This film was shot in under two hours and we used two cameras to reduce the number of takes and speed up the shoot.

A big challenge was keeping the film under 2 minutes and telling a complete story. This is the quickest “Hero’s Journey” you’ll ever see.

This shows how camera placement and movement can be used to give different moods for different characters.

This is the behind the scenes video of the making of BLOOD BROTHER. If you have ready the post about equipment and different budget levels. This is a film that shows how cheap equipment can be used.

A promo video for the script “The Valley”. A promo video is a great tool for writing.

I believe making a short promo video for your writing is a great way to let people see what the story is about as well as a good tool for setting mood.