Griffiths Creative Small Business Marketing

Meet the team that will bring you the best small business marketing strategy

  • Craig Griffiths

    Coordinator, Creative and Consultant

    Craig is the host of the "Making Business and Sales Work" podcast, business writer and speaker. Griffiths Creative is the brain child of Craig and allows him to pull together specialists on a needs basis. Griffiths Creative is focused on small business and giving small business the tools to succeed. Small business can out perform big business if their marketing strategy utilises how nimble small business can be. Griffiths Creative will establish a marketing strategy that results in your small business having a well defined brand, targeted customers and the tools and means to engage these customers. Craig believes "If a small business gets the basic right, such as message, customer identity and brand. Marketing becomes an effortless side effect".

  • Rob McHugh

    Creative Writer

    Rob McHugh has written some of Australia's most loved televisions shows. Griffiths Creative calls on Rob's talents as a writer for radio and TV advertising as well as longer form correspondence. Rob's TV and radio work has been predominantly in comedy however Rob has edited some successfully published books. Rob teaches comedy and several colleges and has had his own TV show on SBS, "Comedy School" which has also been shown in other countries. Rob has also won awards in the retail sector turning around failing retail outlets. We rely on Rob's skills as a wordsmith and advertising expert to bring power to the messages we create for our clients.

  • Jacaranda Creative

    Web, logo and Artist Design

    Jacaranda Creative is a visual studio which develops websites and other visual marketing for us. They work within the colour pallet we develop with you and can produce some truly visual and technically wonderful websites. Jacaranda Creative's work has been used by small and large corporations across Australia. We use Jacaranda Creative for the things we need to be visually important. A person's sight is their most valued sense. That is why we put so much importance on visual design and outsource our work to Jacaranda Creative.