Writing TV versus writing a movie

Writing TV versus writing a film

Writing tv versus writing a movie is a fairly common question. It may even be posed as a choice. “I have a story, I don’t know if I should write it as a series or a film”. The story will dictate which it will be not you.


That may seem like a stupid thing to say. But it isn’t really. Lets look at want makes a film.

A film is a story that can be told once. At the end of the film the concept is exhausted and you couldn’t tell the same story without being boring. The characters have changed and we are at the end.

For TV, we are looking at a universe. We have a world we can tell a lot of stories in. The walking dead for instance. We know how Zombies (Walkers) die, we know how people become a zombie. That establishes a world we can tell muliple stories in.

This is different for the limited series. That is like a series of short or not so short films telling one story. It may branch and tell a wider story. But it is a single story. So when you are thinking your story is too big for a movie, then a limited series maybe an option. But these are also incredibility expensive to make. So you will have to consider that.

In my opinion it is always better to aim for the lower budget stuff early in your career. Stuff that has a better chance of being made. This is an opportunity to show people your talent.

Following is a video that will give you some example and goes into more depth around TV versus film.

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