Screenwriting & Filmmaking

There is a number of resources available through Griffiths Creative for screenwriting and filmmaking or for any wanting to write stories . A growing number of books available for download and purchase via links on the Books page. Downloadable scripts as well as scripts for professional production. Our aim is to make films and create tools to help others do the same.

Griffiths Creative is also the home of the LOGLINE PODCAST where listeners send in their loglines for review and comment. This podcast doesn’t limit itself to just discussing loglines. During each episode we discuss story, story elements, screenwriting and what we think will help each writer get the most out of their writing. This podcast coincides with a blog that has resources and help for those wanting to write screenplays and stories.

Screenwriting unlike other forms of writing, is one of the most challenging forms. It is entirely visual and therefore challenges the writer to tell their story visually. Think of all the times you have looked at someone and thought, “I wonder what they are thinking”. In a novel the author can simply tell the reader. In a screenplay the writer has to find a visual way of getting this information to the reader. We hope the tools, discussions and resources on Griffiths Creative helps you to do this and produce the screenplay you have always wanted to create.