Sales Funnel Optimisation as Marketing

November 5, 2012

Sales Funnel Optimisation as Marketing.

A sales funnel exists in every company big and small.  Many business people ignore it, don’t understand it or even don’t know that the sales funnel exists.  Treating your sales funnel as marketing and giving it priority will improve your overall marketing strategy.

We work with you to find all the steps your customers have to take to get to a sale.  We then remove as many layers as possible while maintaining what makes your business special.

We also look at what point of the process looses you the most sales.  This is called a leaky funnel.  We plug the holes to get more people from asking you questions to giving you money.

By improving the conversion process you become instantly more profitable with no extra effort or marketing budget.  As much as this is using an old worn out saying, fixing your sales funnel is “working smarter not harder”.

So why does improving your sales funnel work as marketing?

There are many outcomes in marketing.  One is the development of a brand. Your brand is what people think when they hear your name or see your logo.  Your brand is the part of a person’s memory you occupy.  The most powerful memory builder is experience.  When your sales funnel is optimised so customers can move quickly from question to purchase.  They remember you as being great to deal with.  You didn’t waste their time.  This is a positive branding experience, when your sales funnel was being used as marketing.

So contact me and together we can turn your sales funnel into a marketing tool.


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