Submit logline for podcast

Thanks for wanting to be part of the LOGLINE PODCAST.

Putting your work out into the world can be scary. Especially in such a public forum as a podcast, so thank you again.

So what will happen?

Your logline will go into the collection of loglines submitted. We will then go through these and select loglines to be review on the podcast. Your logline will be read out and suggestions on how it may be improved will be made.

Am I guaranteed to be on the show?

No. We will try to get to everyone. It may be impossible to get to every submission. But we will do our best.

Will I like the review?

We have no way of knowing. The only thing that we can promise is that the advice will be constructive and we hope helpful.

Will you only look at the logline?

Yes and No. We will not read longer submissions. So don’t send in a treatment or synopsis. But while reviewing your logline the overall story will probably be discussed.

By submitting a logline I acknowledge that will it be made public. It will be read out on a podcast. It will be spoken about in many ways. That it will be reproduced in print on this website and may be included in promotion of this website and podcast.

DO NOT submit a logline unless you agree to everything above and the terms on the submission form.

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