How to get your work sold

How to get your work sold using script revolution

How to get your work sold is a fundamental question all new writers ask. Here is the answer.

Script Revolution is your answer.

I was reading something written by the founder of Script Revolution C J Walley and he commented that people blog about over priced predatory sites. He is 100% correct. I see post after post about top 10 script services etc.  All of which cost you money.  Script Revolution is free. It is by far the best way to get your work seen.

How to get your work sold. Using script revolution.

Now let’s get some obvious things out of the way. Your work has to be as good as it can be. 

  1. Post your best version. This is important as there is no second chance to make a first impression.

2. Design some good poster art.  You can go to and get some great images.  Then use any image software even Paint to add your name, crop it or change it to make a cool poster.  Now upload this to your script revolution entry.

3. Write a good synopsis. I use this as a pitch as well. I talk about the locations and cast (but not a shopping list).  This is your sales document part – remember that. Make sure this is as compelling as possible.

4. Your profile. Mine is never good. But this is another sales document. Make sure that potential buyers know you will be great to work with. I am really bad at this part so I am afraid you are on your own.

Next Steps.

Use the URL to your scripts page as the link you send people.  This is a must. It takes people that are potentially interested to a page that is all about the script, it has your synopsis (a sales pitch), your poster (which wets their appetite) and when they download it, you get an email.

The truth and power of Script Revolution.

Script Revolution doesn’t lie to you.  There is not a site in the world that has some secret list of producers that are just waiting to read your script, that is a lie. There is no site or service that can fast track you into Hollywood, that is a lie.

Success is in your hands and script revolution gives you a professional modern looking platform that enables you to show your work in its best light.

Go there now and remove one of the excuses people use for why they haven’t sold, “exposure”. Script Revolution gives you exposure in the most professional way possible.

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