Hostage Production Diary July 2020

The Hostage Production

Depending when you read this Hostage Production Diary update, you may need some pandemic context. The film is being shot in the New York area.  From a pandemic point of view it had the world’s worst infection and death rate at one point in time. At the time I am writing this there had been over 416,000 infections and 32,000 deaths. So to say that the brakes were thrown on would be an understatement.  I am surprised we have got underway at all. 

Hostage Production Diary – update July 2020.

After sending David Wenzel (Playing Steve) a “hope you’re are going well” email I got a surprise reply saying we were back.  We had kicked off a second attempt to get this film made.  I was excited at the thought of getting to see this in the hands of actors.

Make hay while the pandemic shines.

Even though there was no progress on the physical production. There was some behind the scene action happening.

It appears that during the shutdown the producers had been running around organising distribution deals.

The original idea was a VOD (Video On Demand) strategy. However, we now have many more channels.

We have a commitment for distribution with two companies international and US for digital media Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, AMC theatre and television on demand so we’re off to a good start and now we just have to complete the film!

I’ll keep everyone up to date here and on my instagram.

Exciting times just around the corner.  The aim is to get filming done in the fall (USA), meaning in the can before Christmas.

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